How to Change Your Username in Clubhouse

Clubhouse App UserName ideas

Club House. The new voice-based social network is having a great reception, despite being in its infancy. This social network is different from all the others, here your personal image is not important, the only thing that needs to be highlighted is your voice and your opinions and knowledge. The clubhouse is succeeding with the podcast phenomenon, but being a social network, we have a username that we can change.

Clubhouse App UserName ideas

In order for someone to find us in the Clubhouse, and receive notifications when we speak, they must search for us by our username. As in other social networks such as Twitter or Instagram, this username is completely personal.

However, the platform encourages users to use their real name and a Clubhouse username. Therefore, renaming is pretty serious within the Clubhouse, but you can change both your real name and user nickname.

All About the Username in Clubhouse

The Clubhouse username is very important, similar to other social networks, so choosing a suitable name is essential. When you first sign up for Clubhouse, you can choose your real name and username, but this is something you can also change.

How many times can you change your name in Clubhouse?

It is possible to change your name in the Clubhouse, but we must warn you that it is something that you can only do once. You can change both your real name and the username you want to use on the social network, but only once each. Therefore, if you want to use the Clubhouse for a while, make sure you choose your name well as only one change is allowed.

How to Change the Name in Clubhouse

Once warned, the steps to change your name in Clubhouse are as follows.

Clubhouse app

  • Enter the Clubhouse and click on your profile photo above.
  • Below the profile picture, you will see your real name and your Clubhouse username, preceded by an “@”.
  • Keep in mind that the real name is the one that users will use to find you within the Clubhouse.
  • By tapping on your alias, “@yourname”, you can change this.
  • If you click on the real name, a new message will appear and from there you can change both names in Clubhouse.
  • Change the name in the text box, 15 characters maximum, and click Update.

As you can see, changing the username in Clubhouse is quite simple, you just have to know where to touch. But remember, it is only possible to do it once, so think carefully before changing it.

The Clubhouse is a very interesting social network and we are just discovering its functions. In addition, being in an early phase, many news could still arrive throughout the next updates.

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