How to Hide Facebook Online Status

Hide Facebook Online Active Status

Facebook Messenger has quickly become one of the most used apps for exchanging messages with friends since it uses all the contacts available on Facebook as a basis to start a conversation (in addition to those available via the phone number associated with the app).

Hide Facebook Online Status

But what if you want to protect your privacy and know-how not to be online on Facebook so as not to let anyone know when you were last active? In this guide, you will find out how to be offline from both the Facebook website and the Facebook Messenger app available for all major platforms.

How to Hide Online Status on Facebook from PC

On PC you can hide online status from Facebook chat by opening the website’s web page and logging into Facebook with the account in your possession.
Once you open the homepage, going offline on Facebook is very simple.

  • Click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the chat tab (or top right, depending on your computer screen resolution),
  • then click on the item Deactivate the activity status.

Another window will open in the centre where you can choose whether to deactivate the activity status for all contacts, deactivate it for all but some selected ones or deactivate it only for some people to select.

Blocked contacts will no longer be able to see when you are online from your PC, even on Facebook Messenger.

This setting does not disable the chat: in fact, you can still contact whoever you want without any problem, only that the same interlocutor and the other contacts in the chat will never know if you are active now or not active, making you invisible and therefore leaving your privacy intact. related to your access on Facebook (watch out: not on Facebook Messenger!).

How to be offline on Facebook from your mobile

Now you know how not to be online on Facebook from the web, but if you don’t use the chat on the Facebook site a lot and instead use the Messenger app of the same social network, you should know that the settings seen above do not apply to the app, even if the contacts shown are the same: so you can be hidden on PC and Web but still be active from the app and vice versa.

Facebook online status

Once you have downloaded the app, log in with the same Facebook account used on your PC (you just need to have the Facebook app installed in parallel to log in even faster).

After starting the app let’s see how to go offline on Facebook Messenger:

  • Tap your account icon at the top left (where your Facebook profile photo is present).
  • In the Profile section, tap on Activity status
  • In the new screen that appears, under Show when you are active, tap the button on the right,
  • a warning will appear asking for confirmation if you want to deactivate the activity status, click on DISABLE to go offline on Messenger.

Now no one will know that you are online on the Messenger app, but, out of respect for privacy, you will not be able to do the same (ie you will not be able to see if others are online unless you reactivate this entry).

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